In respect of any transactions entered into on the LUDO TRIP, including making a payment to participate in the paid versions of Contest(s), Users agree to be bound by the following payment terms: The payment Users make to participate in the Contest(s) is inclusive of the nominated fee for access to the LUDO TRIP Services charged by LUDO TRIP. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, all other amounts collected from the User are held in escrow until determination of the Winners and distribution of prizes.
The LUDO TRIP portal hosts a number of Contests for which it reserves the right to charge a Platform Fee, which would be specified and notified by LUDO TRIP on the Contest page prior to a User’s joining of such Contest. The Platform Fee and applicable tax thereon will be debited from the User’s account balance along with the entry-fee for the Contest. The User may participate in a Contest wherein the User has to contribute a
pre-specified contribution towards the PRIZE MONEY of such Contest, which will be passed on to the Winner(s) of the Contest after the completion of the Contest as per the terms and conditions of such Contest. It is clarified that LUDO TRIP has no right or interest in this PRIZE MONEY, and only acts as an intermediary engaged in collecting and distributing the PRIZE MONEY in accordance with the Contest terms and conditions. The amount to be paid-in by the User towards the Prize Money

Pool would also be debited from the User’s account balance with LUDO TRIP.
The User winnings in any Contest will reflect as credits to the User’s Winnings Account. It is clarified that in no instance will LUDO TRIP permit the transfer of any amounts in the User’s accounts to any other category of account held by the user with LUDO TRIP or any third party account, including a bank account held by a third party. LUDO TRIP allow their users to redeem their virtual currency in their account. Transfer will take affect within 7 working days. 
LUDO TRIP allows their users to redeem their virtual currency only in the multiplication of 100 and minimum of 200. Refund or redeem will be given only to users who have recharged via LUDOTRIP app payment gateway or won via playing LUDO TRIP ludo game. In case of any redeem requested found no payment made to us or no winning by playing game NO refund/redeem will be given. Users shall be required to remit the required amount to LUDO TRIP through the designated payment gateway. The payment made shall be credited to the User’s accounts and each time a
User enters a round, the applicable amount towards participation in the round shall be debited from the User’s account. In debiting amounts from the User’s accounts towards the participation fee of such user in any round or Contest(s),
LUDO TRIP shall first debit the User’s Deposit Wallet Account (in accordance with any rules or limitations relating to the use of Cash Bonus as may be prescribed by LUDO TRIP and applicable at such time) , thereafter, any remaining amount of participation fee shall be debited from the User’s Unutilized Account and thereafter, any remaining amount of participation fee shall be debited from the User’s Winning Account. In case there is any amount remaining to be paid by the User in relation to such User’s participation in any round(s) or Contest(s), the User will be taken to the designated payment gateway to give effect to such payment. In case any amount added by the User through such payment gateway exceeds the remaining amount of participation fee, the amount in excess shall be transferred to the User’s ‘Unutilized’
Account and will be available for use in participation in any round(s) or Contest(s) or for withdrawal in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Debits from the ‘Unutilized’ Account for the purpose of enabling a user’s participation in a Contest shall be made in order of the date of credit of amounts in the ‘Unutilized’ Account, and accordingly amounts credited into ‘Unutilized’ Account earlier in time shall be debited first. A User shall be permitted to withdraw any amounts credited into such User’s Unutilized Account for any reason whatsoever by contacting LUDO TRIP Customer Support. All amounts credited into a User’s Account must be utilized within 335 days of credit. In case any unutilized amount lies in the Account after the completion of 335 days from the date of credit of such amount, LUDO TRIP reserves the right to forfeit such unutilized amount, without liability or obligation to pay any compensation to the User. Withdrawal of any amount standing to the User’s credit in the Winnings Account may be made by way of a request to LUDO TRIP but shall occur automatically upon completion of 335 days from the date of credit of such amount in the User’s Winnings Account. In  either case, LUDO TRIP shall effect an online transfer to the User’s bank account on record with LUDO TRIP within a commercially reasonable period of time. Such transfer will reflect as a debit to the User’s Winnings Account. LUDO TRIP shall not charge any processing fee for the online transfer of such amount from the Winnings Account to the User’s bank account on record with LUDO TRIP. Users are requested to note that they will be required to provide valid photo identification and address proof documents for proof of identity and address in order for LUDO TRIP to process the withdrawal request. The name mentioned on the User’s photo identification document should correspond with the name provided by the User at the time of registration on LUDO TRIP, as well as the name and address existing in the records of the User’s bank account as provided to LUDO TRIP. Users agree that once they confirm a transaction on LUDO TRIP, they shall be bound by and make payment for that transaction. The User acknowledges that transactions on LUDO TRIP may take up to 24 hours to be processed. Any amount paid or transferred into the User’s Account or Winnings Account may

take up to 24 hours to reflect in the User’s Account or Winnings Account balance. Similarly, money debited from the User’s Cash Bonus Account or Winnings Account may take up to 24 hours to reflect in the User’s Account or Winnings Account balance. Users agree not to raise any complaint or claim against LUDO TRIP in respect of any delay, including any lost opportunity to join any Contest or round due to delay in crediting of transaction amount into any of the User’s accounts A transaction, once confirmed, is final and no cancellation is permissible.  However, LUDO TRIP may, at its sole and absolute discretion, permit a User to cancel a transaction and refund the

amount paid: If the User sends a written request to LUDO TRIP from the registered email Id to cancel such payment; or If the payment is made for participation in the paid version(s) of the Contest(s), the cancellation request must be received at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the round in respect of which the payment is made; LUDO TRIP shall not be liable to refund any amount thereafter. LUDO TRIP may, at its sole and absolute discretion, refund the amount to the User after deducting applicable cancellation charges and taxes. At the time of the transaction, Users may also be required to take note of certain additional terms and conditions and such additional terms and conditions shall also govern the transaction. To the extent that the additional terms and conditions contain any clause that is conflicting with the present terms and conditions, the additional terms and conditions shall prevail.